How to draw Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony TV series

In our post How to draw cartoon characters, we covered some general guidelines for drawing a cartoon character and how it differs from a realistic one. Now let’s try to draw a particular cartoon character. Let it be Twilight Sparkle from the animated TV series My Little Pony.Twilight sparkle drawing tutorial

Little ponies are lovely creatures that live in the magical land of Equestria. They are kind, funny, friendly, and there are certain relationships among them, just like among people. The country is ruled by two sisters, beautiful ponies: Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Among other characters are ponies Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. They love to sing, dance, party and have fun. They are fun to be with!

How do these cartoon ponies differ from real ponies? First, they are colorful, and they may have a rainbow-tinted mane and tail. Also, those ponies that have become alicorns – winged unicorns, have a horn and wings, which, of course, real ponies don’t have. Besides, each pony has its own cutie mark that appears on a pony’s flank. Like little fashionistas, each pony has her own hairstyle, and the most expressive on their “faces” are huge eyes, which can be not only flirty hooded but also wide open. How to draw eyes like that you can learn in the post How to draw manga characters.

And now let’s try to draw one of the pony beauties – Twilight Sparkle:

Step 1.
Draw auxiliary lines to mark the general outlines of the drawing. how to draw twilight sparkle

Step 2.
Start drawing a pony’s muzzle: draw a slightly curved upwards snub nose, mark the outline of big eyes and a line of the foretop over its to draw my little pony eyes

Step 3.
Now draw up a protruding ear, complete the shape of the head and a horn protruding from the foretop.drawing twilight sparkle step by step

Step 4.
Now it is very important to carefully draw the eyes, as they animate the character, reflecting the character’s “soul.”  Do not forget about flirty lashes, because little ponies are terrible to draw my little pony style

Step 5.
Finish drawing the mane and mark the neckline.little pony how to draw

Step 6.
Draw pony’s front to draw twilight sparkle step by step

Step 7.
Draw the belly and hind to draw twilight sparkle alicorn

Step 8.
Complete the silhouette of the pony with a fluffy to draw twilight sparkle

Step 9.
Now you need to make a mark on its flank. Twilight has an to draw twilight sparkle step by step from my little pony
Step 10.
The pony is ready. You only need to paint it.Twilight sparkle drawing tutorial step by step

Step 11.
Carefully paint the pony.  Do not forget to make reflections in its eyes and colored stripes on the mane and tail. Your drawing of Twilight Sparkle is ready. Twilight sparkle drawing tutorial

Next time we will learn to draw other characters from the TV series “My Little Pony”. What other characters would you like to see in the drawing tutorials for future posts? Tell us in your comments!

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      You’re wrong,…….it’s amazing

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    Wow it’s amazing

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    Maybe I would also like to see a drawing of princess celestia from my little pony but that’s a really great drawing

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    Do fluttershy!

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    I love this game it’s AMAZING it teaches me how to draw really good now I can draw really hard stuff like a family together

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    Do all of the ponys

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    Do another one